Where to sell High end collectables

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 13 Oct, 2017

What is the best option for selling high end collectables

selling collectables at auction
Frederic Remington - coming through the rye
 Many serious collectors wonder what the best vehicle to sell their high dollar collectables. In this post we highlight a genuine collectable piece sold at auction with FR Liquidation & Auctions.
 In the picture with this blog is a Frederic Remington bronze sculpture titled "Coming Through the rye". The original seller contacted us asking our opinion of value and what we believed it would bring at one of our collectables auctions. The seller had several viable concerns that we addressed with him to make him feel comfortable about selling such a valuable distinguished piece of American art history at auction.
 One of the main concerns most sellers have is, "what if no one bids on it"? Our response was simple, "if no one bids on a genuine Frederic Remington then we have not posted it to the auction yet". Bottom line with fine high end collectables is this, Quality items yield quality bids. This statement has never failed at any of our auctions.
 The sellers next concern was, "what if it doesn't bring the amount I think it's worth"? We here this question a lot in our business and our response always the same, "How much do you think it's worth?". Most sellers do not know the value and simply throw out a number they hope to get or one based on an internet sale of some sort. We explain to sellers that we research the items with our appraiser Kent D. Anderson of Maple leaf appraisals to ensure an accurate value before placing the item in auction. Most sellers are amazed that the value is nowhere close to what they hoped for. This usually brings them down to earth and back to reality of selling at auction.
 An auction is the best place to sell a high dollar genuine collectable because it opens the ceiling to an unlimited dollar amount when the buyers are targeted correctly through advertising campaigns such as the campaigns FR Liquidation & Auctions utilizes. Most collectables we have sold at auction have gone for a higher dollar amount than both the seller and appraiser have placed prior to going to auction. The reason for this is because the serious collector is not overly concerned about a budget when buying a collectable that they "Must Have" in their collection.
 If you are considering selling some high dollar high end collectables then it is highly recommended to sell at auction.
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