The Booming online Auction industry

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 26 Oct, 2017

The amazing growth and opportunity of the online auction business

rapid growth of online auctions
Join the booming online auction industry
According to IBIS world the online auction industry is growing at rapid a rate of 13.3%. This is good rate of growth for any industry especially online auctions and there appears to be no end in site. We have been in the online auction business for over 5 years and have watched as online auction businesses have exploded all the while live bid call auctions growth are slowing down. This is a trend that will continue into the future as with many businesses today, the internet is literally taking over commerce.
 Amazon has become king of the online selling game and has literally shut down many competitors who stayed with the old adage of a brick and mortar store front where shoppers had to visit them. Amazon has reversed this trend and is now literally bringing not only the shopping experience to the buyer, but the product is brought to the buyer as well in the comfort of their own home.
 Online auctions are on board with the Amazon trend as we allow a bidder to sit back in the comfort of their own home and place bids while having a cup of coffee. Online auctions are also moving to the delivery phase, utilizing local delivery and Uber drivers to get product to customers. Click here to register for Free to bid and buy at
 The online auction is also a great business opportunity as many people can work directly from their home or small warehouse. Many auctions are performed onsite at the customers home (estate sales) or warehouse thereby eliminating the need for a warehouse at all. With the ability to advertise nationwide on the internet and not only paid sites but many free sites and social media the growth of the bid pool is rapid.
 A determined driven person can exceed the growth rate of 13.3% given at the beginning of this article with no problem. The growth rate of FR Liquidation & Auctions in just 5 years hit 32.2% and still growing. It is very possible to turn this business into a full time paycheck and beyond that not only pays the bills but allows for extras and savings.
 Why not take advantage of the rapid growthand build your ownonline auction business? Your success is our success With our training and support system we encourage you to move onward and upward.
Join our family of Independent Associates today to take advantage of a rapid growing industry that is only headed up!    
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