Starting your own business

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 05 Oct, 2017

Why starting your own business in todays economy makes good sense

Start your own business today
Why start your own business in today's economy?
There are a multitude of positive reasons to start your own business and we could write a book on it, so we will just touch on some key reasons in this blog.
  • Lower your taxes - Unfortunately the United States today is the highest taxed nation in the world and greedy politicians are constantly demanding more taxes. As a small business owner you can significantly lower or in some cases even eliminate your tax bill altogether. The deductions for business are many and as long as you take legitimate steps and follow the law you can reduce that burdensome tax bill with your own small business.
  • Flexible schedule - Small business owners have the luxury to flex their schedule to meet the needs of their family and their customers. While a job forces you to punch the clock from 9 - 5 with very minimal flexibility. With the internet a business owner can literally run their business all across the U.S. and nationwide from the comfort of their own home or on the road.
  • ROI - The return on investment from a owning your own small business is exponential when compared to a job. Business owners know that there is no limit to their income as long as they are persistent, honest and stay focused on serving the customer well.
Having a good job is definitely an honorable venture and I am not against it in any way. Owning your own business though has many rewards and challenges that only benefit people from all walks of life.
Contact us today to get started with your own business, we provide full support.
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