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Selling process

The auction selling process

FR Liquidation & Auctions LLC makes every effort to accommodate you, the seller, to create a hassle-free selling experience with our Independent Associate auction teams. Below we have provided an overview of the auction selling process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this process.  FR Liquidation & Auctions LLC has a proven track record of success in liquidating businesses, inventory, general merchandise, estates and more.
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The following is a simple step by step overview of the auction process.

  • Free assessment - Our goal in this initial meeting is to educate the client in regards to the online auction process and answer any questions or concerns at this time.
  • Contract signing - Our professional contracts are clearly written by our legal team.
  • Sorting & Lotting - Our processing team sorts inventory into like minded lots with a goal of an average minimum bid value per lot.
  • Tagging - All lots are tagged with our bar code numbering system for easy cataloging and uploading to our state of the art online auction platform.
  • Descriptions - We pride ourselves on quality descriptions utilizing research and on occasion assistance from our dual certified appraiser when necessary.
  • Photographs - Each lot is photographed at multiple angles with a High Definition digital camera for crisp clear pictures that present an excellent online preview.
  • Upload and final edit - Utilizing our state of the art online platform we upload descriptions and photographs. With a simple click of the mouse an entire auction is ready to go in minutes.
  • Advertising and email blasts - We utilize the internet to our advantage and advertise local and nationwide for a fraction of the cost of traditional print media. We send bulk email blasts to thousands of prospective buyers notifying them of your auction
  • Preview - We offer our customers a chance to preview items in person prior to auction closing. Preview is a minimum of 3 hours the day prior to auction closing with our staff attending.
  • Closing - The excitement!! Auction closing is when it all happens. With our stagger and extended bidding closing system the seller is assured the best chance at a quality ROI.
  • Customer pick up - Winning bidders are emailed notice through our automated system. Invoices give the correct information when and where to pick up and pay for items won. Our teams handle the entire pick up and payment process.
  • Payment - Cashiers checks are issued to sellers within 15 business days (M - F) following the closing date of the auction.     
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