Selling firearms at auction

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 10 Oct, 2017

Why it makes better sense to sell at auction?

Sell guns at auction
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Considering selling your firearms?
In the light of recent events in Las Vegas some people are considering selling their firearms. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and their family's of this tragic event. 
Private sales of firearms can be tricky in today's heated political environment with leftist anti-freedom politicians constantly demanding to strip away second amendment rights and the myriad of excessive gun laws. Many people who want to liquidate their guns do not do so because of the concern of liability. Some liquidate by selling to pawn shops at a deep discount and loose money on the deal.
When placing guns in an auction the seller can rest assured the liability will be nearly 0. A good auction companyutilizes a Federal Firearms dealer to run criminal background checks on all purchases. Most auction company's also take steps for their own protection such as, simple questionnaires, photo copy of the drivers license or concealed carry licenses, some auction company's are FFL holders and perform their own background checks.  The buyers of the firearms never know who the seller is for privacy reasons, therefore the sellers privacy is protected and helps remove the liability if anything negative should happen.
A good auction company will also make sure the seller is not a shady character as well. Many auction companies will only sell guns for well established customers and check proper forms of ID driver's license and concealed carry license's etc. Most auction companies get to know their customers prior to selling firearms for them, This helps protect the buyers as well.
Firearms sold at auction almost always command and get a very respectable fair market value and many times above market value. Bidders in an auction see guns as a good investment and therefore are willing to spend the money. An auction that utilizes an internet platform such as is one of the best ways to sell your guns. An online auction platform gives exposure nationwide to thousands of prospective bidders and is very transparent for both buyer and seller alike. An online auction also gives an excellent record of the sale for authorities should anything negative happen in the future.
With the heated debate going on in Washington today, it is highly recommended to sell your firearms at auction to protect yourself from liability issues in the future and get a respectable return on investment.
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