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Business & Inventory Liquidation
Our team of Independent Associates handles business liquidation auctions of all types, including: Business closings, Financial Institutions, Investors,  Inventory reductions, retirements and more. We have liquidated businesses including The Hilton Garden Inn, General truck sales of Dallas, United Way of Tarrant county, Quality Rail & Steel, Elite Appliance and many more. We have also held fund raiser auctions for such organizations as The Wounded Heroes of Texas, Boy Scouts of America and more.
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Estate, Downsizing or Retirement Liquidation
Need to liquidate an estate? Downsizing, retiring or moving? Let our team of Independent Associates handle the stress and worries of liquidating an estate. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can handle all estate liquidation needs. The Seller experiences more competition and enhanced value than a traditional estate sale company. With our online auction system we sell 96%-100% of all items in the estate as compared to traditional estate sale company's that usually sell only 60%-70% of all items and leave you with more to deal with after the estate sale has completed. Our online auction system provides improved results and far more safe and secure system with no crowds of strangers roaming through the estate for several days.
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Consignment items liquidation
Our team of Independent Associates handles nearly all types of consignments, including: entire estates, single items, small quantity's and more.
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Online Auction Advantage
Our team utilizes the internet to our advantage to achieve the maximum return for our clients. With our online auction website we can reach out to literally thousands of prospective Buyers through the Internet at half the advertising cost when compared to traditional bid call auctions. It provides exposure for every imaginable business, Estate and consignment asset and allows bids to come from all over the United States as well as locally. The end result is the Seller experiences more competition and enhanced value. With our online auction system, the cost is nearly 30% less than traditional bid call live auctions with improved results and far more safe and secure system.
We have a proven track record of business, Estate and Consignment liquidations with positive results.
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Maple Leaf Appraisals
We have teamed up with Kent D. Anderson of Maple Leaf Appraisals to handle limited types of appraisals designed to meet the needs of our clientele, including: Individuals, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, and more.
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Our Experience
  •     Complete Business liquidations
  •     Heavy Equipment
  •     Industrial
  •     Technology
  •     Retail
  •     Automotive and Trucking
  •     Commercial appliances
  •     Antiques & Vintage
  •     Estates
  •     Firearms
  •     Jewelry
  •     Consignments
  •     And much more

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