Save money and beware of excess auction fees

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 16 Oct, 2017

Save money on everyday items and beware of excess auction fees

bid, buy, sell at auction and save money today
Save money buying at auctions
In today's world there are so many opportunities to save money on everything from toilet paper to clothes to appliances by buying at auctions.
 There are a myriad of online and live auctions everywhere and they all offer general merchandise as well as everyday items. Most auction companies allow you to register and bid for free, but be careful of auction companies that sell actual bids. On one online auction website their terms and conditions state, "........bids must be purchased by users prior to online bidding." They make claims that buyers purchased iPhone's for just one 75 dollars yet they fail to mention that the cost of the bids were another several hundred dollars or more.
 Some online auction companies charge a "registration fee" of anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 just to register for a bidder number. In one local online auction company their terms for registering state, "there is a $25.00 membership fee required to sign up. This fee is to authorize your membership and verify who you are. This is not refundable, and cannot be used for any auction for purchases."The cost to verify a persons identity with a credit card is literally a few pennies.Are they desperate for money or greedy? Either way it is our opinion that it should be free to register for an auction whether online or live as it only benefits the three parties involved (Buyer, seller and Auction house) and creates a win, win, win scenario.
 At it is free to register and to bid, no buying of bids or "registration fees" or any other shady marketing gimmicks or schemes. you pay for items what you bid plus an 18% buyers premium (and of course state sales tax) and that's it. Many buyers have purchased such items as microwave ovens, toilet paper 30 pack, Clothes with store tags attached, tools, washers and dryers, new in the box shoes, office supplies, complete dish sets, food, Cars, firearms and much more everyday items for just pennies on the dollar.
 Remember, be careful with companies who "sell bids" or have a "registration fee" as they may have other hidden fees that only benefit their pocket book not yours.
If you are trying to save money, we highly recommend registering to bid at (Yes it is truly free to register and bid) and start shopping. You won't be disappointed.
Click here to register with and start bidding today.
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