Process training

Quick reference Steps to process an Auction
Organization is the key. Like minded items with like minded. Go through the entire inventory until allis sorted and organized. Leave no stone unturned, be thorough when sorting and watch for hidden treasures.
Organization is the key. The goal should be an average $25.00 or higher per lot bid value. Lot Quality high dollar items alone ($50 or more) and lot Low dollar like minded items together (Less than $50).
Print bar code labels per training video 10.
Place labels on each lot in an organized manner starting at one end of the room working your way to the back until all lots are tagged.
BMDM = Brand name, Model number, Describe it, Measurements.
Do the research to make sure you describe it right. utilize Google, Kent Anderson our Appraiser etc. Good descriptions equals good search engine results and good bids.

Lighting and a good camera are the key. Use a quality high MP camera. Don't use a cell phone camera. utilize white, black and neutral background colors. Clean clear quality pics equal quality bids.
Final edit & Upload
Always use Spell Check prior to uploading an auction. To convert, upload and publish the auction spreadsheet and photos, refer to training videos 5, 6 & 7.
Advertise your Auction!!
It is vital to advertise your own auction! While Auction Spear admin advertises on your behalf, it is always important to post your own ads as well. Refer to the advertising links in the tool box.
Preview & Pick up day (Pay Day!!)
Good Customer service is the key!! Treat customers with a smile positive attitude and as a good friend you haven't seen in a long time. Take good care of customers and they will take good care of you.
Pay Auction Buyer Premium Here
Pay the Buyers Premium
Remember to Pay the Buyers Premium on time and save money!
Start working on your next auction!
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