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Preview, Preview, Preview!

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 21 Dec, 2017

Always preview before you bid.

Preview items for auction is always recommended
With the internet many auction company's are going to all online auctions and leaving the live bid call auction behind. The convenience of bidding at home or on a smart phone on the road has made online auctions the future of auctions.   Many people buy blind from online auctions only to find when they receive the item it is not what they expected. This is where preview of the items is highly recommended to avoid a disappointments. Auctions are unique because all items sold at auctions are sold as is and it is 100% buyers responsibility to preview and verify the condition of items in an auction. If you buy at auction, receive the item and are disappointed, there is no one to blame but yourself for not previewing.
 This is not to say that if an auction company does not disclose that an item is broken when they know it that the buyer is still responsible. Auction companies are required by law to disclose the known condition of items placed in an auction. Notice the word "known condition", if a seller does not tell the auctioneer that an item does not function as it should then it is up to the buyer to verify this and not the auctioneer. The auctioneers roll is to liquidate the items to the highest bidder not verify working condition or otherwise.
 Always preview and never rely on the auction house to verify for you.
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By Fred Durnbaugh 06 Jan, 2018

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