Internet security and online purchasing

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 03 Nov, 2017

What to be cautious of when purchasing from online auctions

internet security
Internet security and online auction
The incredible economic power of the internet is amazing!
FR Liquidation & Auctions decided over 5 years ago to go with an all online auction platform that would generate more sales than live auctions. So far it has worked well and our growth has been wonderful. The advantage is of course, a business can reach the world through the internet for a fraction of the cost of traditional hard copy advertising.
 Unfortunately, the underworld of hackers, scammers, spyware and more internet criminals can also reach businesses via the internet. When we first began our internet adventure we contracted with an online auction company that utilized software over 15 years old. We still hadn't been educated on internet auction software nor were we by any means internet experts. The software was very cumbersome and difficult to use, it was very user unfriendly. The biggest drawback was, once we started learning more and more we realized the ancient software was also a major security risk not only for us but more importantly our customers. With the outdated software it was very simple for a novice hacker to obtain credit card, personal and bidder information. This was a major liability risk we did not want for FR Liquidation & Auctions . Unfortunately the owner of the site refuses to upgrade, even today they still run the unsecured software and have been compromised more than once. We have since started our own online auction with the latest state of the art software with up to date security.
 We recommend when registering for any online accounts whether an online auction or a simple store account always verify the security of the system. Make sure the site has been verified by Google or entrust as secure. Utilize a secure browser such as Firefox which has a good track record of security over their competitors. Stay away from sites that state "Connection is not secure" in the left of the address bar. Invest in a good internet web security software such as McAfee webadvisor which warns you of a potential hacker or unsafe site and gives a threat level bar as well. Never register to bid in an online auction site that does not have a secure system and make sure their system has been updated regularly with the latest security protocols.
 The internet is a great tool for commerce but can be dangerous if not handled with care.While we are by no means internet security experts we do use common sense. While no site is 100% secure their are ways to protect yourself on the internet with common sense.
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