How the collectables market has changed

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 26 Oct, 2017

How the economic shift has affected the collectables market

change of the collectables market
Collectables that have gained and lost value
Remember Ty Beanie baby's? They skyrocketed in value and people even started collecting them with the dream of cashing in for retirement in the millions. Of course no one thought they would lose value because everyone wanted them and was collecting them. Today nearly all Ty beanie baby's are nearly worthless. What happened?
 In 1987 the stock market crashed and so did beanie baby's along with many collectable items. Items such as dolls, die cast cars, baseball cards, designer plate sets, toys and so many more collectable items that were once nearly a guaranteed good ROI. In the 1980's baseball cards were so popular that card manufacturers literally began to produce millions upon millions if not billions of sports cards. Eventually they saturated the market so bad that sports cards are only collectable today if they have an autograph (with a COA) or are very old and rare. The same occurred with other collectables, industry rose to the demands and customers bought by the truckloads. When the stock market crashed many of these companies closed due to saturation and their product was worthless.
 When an economic down turn occurs people are not looking to collect specialty items, they are trying to feed their family and pay the bills. When a downturn happens the collectables market is, in our opinion, one of the worst things to be invested in and usually takes the hardest hit.
This is when uneducated collectors come to the auction companies in an attempt to "cash in on their great investment" of dolls, sports cards, beanie baby's and more. We have had many customers bring us these collections. When we explain their collectables are only worth approximately 1/4 or less of what they paid for them, they usually accuse us of trying to "rip them off" and proclaim to us, "I know my collection is worth a lot of money". Yet they have no basis of facts to back up their statement, They simply "know". The fact is simple, in today's economy these once stalworth collectables have become nearly worthless. We no longer accept beanie baby's for our auctions because they do not even receive bids, no one buys them anymore.
 The best time to sell your collection on the collectors market, is when the collectors market is hot. When everyone is buying them because they think they will get rich if they just hold onto them long enough. Another approach is to liquidate your collection now to minimize the loss and put your money into a good retirement account etc. If you feel you must have something of value in your possession we recommend gold & silver coins or guns.
 If you are still sitting on a mountain of beanie baby's, dolls, baseball cards or other "collectables" thinking you are rich, Think again!
 Our advice; Knowledge is power. Do your homework on these collectables. talk to a certified appraiser such as Kent D. Anderson of Maple Leaf appraisals for their qualified advice on your collection. Not all collectables have lost value and a certified appraiser can help you determine the correct direction to take. FR Liquidation & Auctions LLC has liquidated large collections with positive results. The challenge our customers have is, they do not get close to what they paid and they loose money on their investment. We have also turned down collections because of the no value factor.
 Why not cut your losses now? liquidate your collection and put the money to work in a better investment vehicle.
Contact us today for a FREE assessment of your collection.

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