Hiring an Auction company with a certified appraiser

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 13 Oct, 2017

Why is it important to hire An Auction company with a certified appraiser on staff?

certified appraiser on staff with FR Liquidation & Auctions LLC
Certified appraiser on staff
There are many good auction company's out there but very few actually have a certified appraiser on staff.
 A certified appraiser can help in many ways, from valuation to correct description of items to proper provenance research. When selling items at auction it is important to have the above elements in place to secure the quality bids and yield a genuine fair market value for your items.
 An Auction company without a certified appraiser on staff is usually searching the internet for what items sold for on eBay etc. (not very viable research) and many times copy and paste descriptions directly from eBay listings or others. Many rely on a good employee digging around on the internet to find a description they can copy. While the internet is a valuable tool for research of items it is not good to steal another description from someone else who may not even have a proper description.
 An experienced certified appraiser will research the items including History, past and present market value as well as fair market value. A good certified appraiser will write their own original description for the item to be sold which in many cases will include a brief history of the item and more. A quality accurate description complimented by quality photos of the product will yield a better ROI.
At FR Liquidation & Auctions and our sister site AuctionSpear.com we have on staff Kent D. Anderson of Maple Leaf Appraisals . With over 20 years experience in the Auction / Appraisal business Kent assists in our product research and description editing of all our independent associates. On high end estates Kent helps hands on with product descriptions and research.
 Bottom line; Make sure your items are properly researched and described by an experienced certified appraiser when placing them in auction, this will ensure a good ROI.
 Kent D. Anderson is an experienced certified appraiser and a shareholder owner of FR Liquidation & Auctions.
Contact us today to talk with our Appraiser on liquidating your items at auction.
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