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  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 21 Oct, 2017

The auctioneer gets a daily education

become an onlien auctioneer and get a free education
Become an online auctioneer and get a daily education
An education is a good thing especially if you get paid to learn on a daily basis.
 As a licensed auctioneer one of the many benefits I realized early on is that an auctioneer gets a daily education while earning a paycheck. Good Auctioneers are unique in the sense that they research their product thoroughly. Not only the product itself but the provenance and deep history in many cases so they can describe the product correctly and place a story behind it to entice bidders to bid more.
 Because of this a good auctioneer learns a great deal about literally thousands of products as well as a great amount of history. Literally daily we learn about new items that have a very rich history tied to them and in some cases a very rare history that increases the value of the product.  A good auctioneer digs deep and in some cases utilizes a certified appraiser on the provenance and history behind the item to give a quality description and an accurate historical account behind that product.
 Case in point; when I first started out in the auction business a customer brought us some misc tools and a couple of older electric motors. One motor in particular was definitely very old and had a serial number on it only. I wanted to make sure we wrote the correct description and researched the serial number online. I thought it would be an easy find but to my surprise I spent nearly an hour digging around on the internet for this particular motor. Much to my surprise I was able to nail it down and found out that this motor was one of Thomas Edison's first electric motors in production. We then had this verified by an appraiser to make sure. I was amazed at how much history I learned in that hour about electric motors and Thomas Edison and from that day forward I have been hooked on the auction business and educational benefits. The seller was ecstatic when we told him as he had no idea and was about to throw the motor away. The seller received a very good check and we received a good commission, it was at this point I realized, "I just got paid to get an education about the history of Thomas Edison".
 There is also the flip side of this that a buyer can benefit from. An auctioneer that doesn't do the proper research unknowingly sells items that may be of great value for penny's on the dollar rather than their true value. There are many auction houses that write very poor descriptions and loose money every auction without even realizing it. Yet this can be a boom for the educated buyer as he or she can buy low at one auction and take the item to a quality auction company that does the proper research ( Such as FR  Liquidation & Auctions LLC ) and make a nice profit.
 At FR Liquidation and Auctions we utilize an experienced certified appraiser Kent D. Anderson of Maple Leaf Appraisals to help with research of key items. Kent also helps our Independent Associate auction businesses with research of their items to ensure a proper description. We also provide product training videos as part of the benefits of our Independent Associate business opportunity.
 So, if you are looking to get a good education and get paid to do so or buy at auction, Contact us today for our Independent Associate business opportunity or register to bid on high quality items at

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