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  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 29 Nov, 2017

Incredible Arlington Lifetime estate collection

arlington estate with dairy theme collectibles
Coming soon Dairy theme collectibles
FR Liquidation & Auctions is processing a large Arlington estate loaded with great stuff for everyone!!
  There are many rare and unique items as well as tools and much more. This will be an amazing auction for everyone.
Keep checking back at for more info.
By Fred Durnbaugh 12 Dec, 2017
Looking for that unique or special gift? Check out for many unique and special items. We offer local pick up and shipping nationwide. You will find everything from antiques, firearms, cars, furniture, appliances, gold, silver, jewelry and so much more!
The price is right as well. All items start at $1.00 and are sold via an online auction bidding. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while doing all your Christmas shopping right in the comfort of your own home.
 Our friendly Independent Associates are available to sell your items as well. Just opened up that new flat screen TV, tool box, laptop for Christmas and need to sell your old one? drop it off and we will liquidate it for you.
 We are a full service auction site and are here to serve you!
Contact us today to Bid, Buy or Sell at
By Fred Durnbaugh 11 Dec, 2017

AWESOME ESTATE CONSIGNOR LIQUIDATION!! has another great online auction, FREE to register and bid !!

THIS AUCTION INCLUDES; #CraftsmanTableSaw, #BounceHouseBlower, #Vanity, #NailDryer, #PedicureChair, #Microdermabrasion, #PatioSet, #Amp, #AutoItems, #BarStools, #WhirlpoolOven, #GelMattress, #TVStand #Sterlizer, #LaJollaBike, #Bookcases, #ComputerDesk, #FireExtinguishers, #Ladders, #EngineHoist, AND MUCH MORE!!!

#Business #Opportunity #Estate #Consignment #Liquidations #Sellonline

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By Fred Durnbaugh 11 Dec, 2017
What are my items worth? We are asked that question daily in the auction business. What something is truly worth is what another person is willing to pay for it. Many people believe their items are worth a certain dollar amount because that is what they paid for it. Or they base their items value on what they paid originally then subtract a few dollars from that and believe they have a legitimate market value. Others tell us "I saw it selling on eBay for this much so I know it's worth at least that".
 Here's the bottom line of what anything is worth. An items value is based on what people on an open market are willing to pay. An auction is the perfect way to place a fair market value on an item. Because of the nature of an auction, buyers are not pressured to pay a retail price and place the dollar amount at what they will pay. Because their is competitive bidding this raises the dollar value based on the demand for the item. Items in great demand bring in high dollars. An auction shows whether or not an item is in great demand. Many sellers do not believe the outcome of their items at an auction because they either have too high or too low expectation of what their items are worth.
 A great example of this is the 1970 Ford boss 302 mustang pictured with this post. Our certified appraiser did a market study of this type of car sold at auction and based on it's condition advised the seller it "may" sell for approximately $15,000 based on the last several similar cars sold at auction. The seller was stunned when he saw the final bid and we were as well. This goes to show that the demand for this car was up and people were willing to pay for it.
 "I saw it selling on eBay so I know it's worth at least this....". eBay is a great place to buy and sell as well as get an estimate of what something is worth in the open auction market. The key is to click the box labeled "Sold" to get the real fair market value of an item on eBay. Many people look at what it is "selling" for not what it "sold" for, there is a Big difference!
 Make sure when placing a value on an item to check the sold box and search the market for several sales of similar items. Doing this will help to understand the true vale of an item.

By Fred Durnbaugh 09 Dec, 2017
The New year is upon us again and why not start off with your own online auction business?
 We offer:

- $100 sign on bonus

- State of the art online auction software

- Free Hands on training & coaching

- Free Phone, text and email support

- Free Professional legal Contracts

- Free Advertising for your auctions

- Free customer referrals

- You keep 100% of your profits

- Appraisal services by Maple Leaf Appraisals

- 2 Licensed Auctioneers on staff

- Six Sigma process expert

- Free Sales and Marketing support

- Free Bulk Email ad blasts

Join our team of Independent Associates and let us help you build a successful online auction company of your own. We provide full support and training.
 If you've been looking for a quality business venture, we have what you've been looking for. with over 20 years combined experience in the auction and appraisal business we are here to help you succeed.
Your success is our success!
Contact us today to get started with your own online auction business!

By Fred Durnbaugh 08 Dec, 2017

CHRISTMAS AND ESTATE AUCTION has another great online auction, FREE to register and bid !!

THIS AUCTION INCLUDES; Computers & Electronics, Tools & Hardware, Housewares & Home Decor, Sports & Outdoors, Lawn & Garden, Clothing & Accessories, Gaming gear, Glassware, Vintage & Antiques, Artwork & Prints, Business Liquidations, Furniture, Estate Liquidation, Appliances, Music Instruments, DVD movies & CD's



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By Fred Durnbaugh 08 Dec, 2017
Looking for a great Christmas gift? We have the perfect auction for you. Just posted online and ready for bidding. Our jewelry auction is loaded with high quality .925 Sterling silver, Gold, earrings, bracelets, watches, crystal, cubic zirconia, Fossil, Kenneth Lane, and much more. nearly 100 lots of high quality jewelry ready for that special someone for Christmas.
Free to register and bid click here to get started
By Fred Durnbaugh 07 Dec, 2017

DAIRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY MOO YEAR ESTATE LIQUIDATION has another great online auction, FREE to register and bid !!



#Business #Opportunity #Estate #Consignment #Liquidations #Sellonline

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By Fred Durnbaugh 06 Dec, 2017
We are always pleasantly surprised when we come across collectables that we have not liquidated prior. Dairy farm collectables are one of those surprises. We processed a huge collection of antique and vintage milk bottles, Dairy farm items, Milk promotional and several more dairy theme items. After researching the dairy collectables market we realized there is a huge following of Dairy/milk collectors that look for these items.
 There is even a " National Association of milk bottle collectors ", a collectors newsletter, "The milk route", facebook groups and more. The amazing thing about an auction is we find these groups and realize there is a collectors group for nearly everything out there. The dairy collectors are very unique as they collect milk bottles that used to be a norm in our society and have gone away with the advent of plastic milk containers. Glass milk bottles are unique as they are nearly a work of art these days and in some cases are very valuable.
 Amber glass milk bottles were designed to slow the effects of UV light from spoiling milk. Cream top bottles were designed to separate the milk cream from the actual milk. There are many other types and categories of milk bottles that have created a true collectors market. In some cases a single bottle may be worth $200-$300 and others only $10 or $20. Regardless of value the milk bottle and dairy farm memorabilia ic a genuine collectable which carries a viable market value like all good collectables.
 Take a look at the dairy collectables auction on
By Fred Durnbaugh 05 Dec, 2017

Faberge, Cartier, Tiffany, Georg Jensen, Jean Schlumberger, Rene Lalique, Josef Hoffmann and Alexander Calder. These are probably names with which you are familiar. They are famous for design, art and style, but did you know each also designed and made cuff links?

The first evidence of the use of cuff links are not actually cuff links at all. In the 1500s well to do and wealthy men wore ruffled shirts many of which had diamond studs and shirt buttons but when they were fashioning their shirt sleeves – it was simple piece of ribbon or yarn.

Throughout the following centuries there were many variations on the ribbon and yarn ties including buttons with chains and painted miniatures in France, but in the mid-20th century, cuff links had their heyday. Think Madmen and mass marketing with the advent of the popularity of television. Everyone was wearing cuff links and manufacturers were happy to oblige. Swank, Krementz, Kum-A-Part and a host of others issued new collections every year for Christmas and Father’s Day. Many were issued as sets with wallets and key chains. Sets were issued as commemorative special editions and every American President in the modern era have had sets made to give away to donors and as ‘thank you’ gifts.

Collectors fall into several categories, but most limit their purchases to a specific category. For example, some only collect Presidential or political cuff links. Others are drawn to specialty cuff links with their favorite pet or novelty cuff links. Some only collect cuff links designed by a specific jewelry maker – such as Georg Jensen (Danish jewelry designer, 1960s) or Tiffany & Co. Some collectors only seek out cuff links for women or cloisonné. As with any collectable there are the fine jewelry versions as well in gold with diamonds, rubies or gemstones.

For the most part, they were relatively simple and inexpensive, but did you know that there are only about 14 types of closures. The cuff link style that most of us are familiar with looks like a swivel or hinged T-bar and was created in 1960. So, if you see a cuff link set and it has this T-bar closure you know the set is post 1960. There are discs with chains, nut and bolt style (1930), cuff links with fixed football ends, hinged football, threaded screw style and even a propeller style where you put the end through the button hole and twist it like the propeller of a plane engine. In England a popular cuff link set had a retractable chain. In general, the simpler the fitting – usually the older it will be. Unfortunately, many older cuff links have lost their mates and single cuff links have very little value.

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By Fred Durnbaugh 04 Dec, 2017
Happy customers is the goal of any business.
 In the auction world a happy customer is key to them returning to the next auction to place bids. We strive to please customers with a smile and positive out look. We offer many services for both buyers and sellers including local delivery of smaller items, nationwide shipping on most items, payments with credit cards, PayPal and Zelle pay. We strive to place the best quality items in auction for our customers and appreciate their feedback.
Click here to start bidding in our auctions, FREE to register and bid.
 Our sellers get the best liquidation service in town. We offer our sellers competitive commission rates on a sliding scale, the more they make the less we take, 97% to 100% total liquidation of all items auctioned, a certified appraiser on staff, a secure way of liquidating through our website  and so much more.
Contact us today to sell your quality items
 We also offer a unique business opportunity for people who want to run their own online auctions. We offer complete training and support.
Contact us today to start your own online auction business.
 We encourage feedback that helps us improve and many of the services we offer were suggested by our great customers.  We look forward to serving our customers and we appreciate all of our customers and thank them for a great year this year!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
FR Liquidation & Auctions and

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