Uploading files:
When logged in go to upload data.

Please make sure that you scan all of your files for each individual account you are sending over to us in one file. So, for example if you have a copy of a contract in one file and a copy of that person’s driver’s license in another file: Make sure you scan them into one file before sending it to us.

Commercial Acounts:
In file description please put the company’s name that owes the money and in the uploaded file we need all documents supporting the balance owed and why it is owed along with any and all information on the company that owes the money.

Viewing activity on accounts:
To view account activity, go to view report and push date both back and forward 30 days. To view specific accounts go to account view activity, and it is the same as view report but at the bottom you can type in the debtor that you want the report to focus on.

Viewing payments:
To check any payments on account go to view status, and that will show you any payments that have been made on the accounts.
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