Business Liquidation success

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 03 Oct, 2017

How to win in a business liquidation auction

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Notice: Business closing 50% off everything!!
We've all seen the signs in business windows of closing stores and manufacturing, and wonder what happened. When a business closes regardless of what or how it came to that point, the business must liquidate nearly everything in the building including inventory, office furniture, equipment, vehicles and sometimes even the building itself. The best approach to liquidating a business is via an online auction platform. Many benefits to the online auction platform include;
  • Transparency - everything is online for all ´╗┐to see including attorneys, the courts, customers etc. nothing is hidden in an online auction.
  • Security - in a live bid call auction or an estate sale the buyers are on the premises for many hours and there have been many cases of items disappearing. Online auction Bidding is done entirely online with no crowds to deal with.
  • Exposure - online can reach thousands upon thousands nationwide for a fraction of the cost. Bidders can relax with a cup of coffee and bid from the comfort of their own home.
  • Increased ROI - because bidders are not limited to just locals the bottom dollar in the end can be as much as 25% more than traditional bid call or estate sales.
These are just a few reasons, but there are many more reasons to go with an online auction system when liquidating a business.
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