Beware of forgeries

  • By Fred Durnbaugh
  • 11 Nov, 2017

Beware of the forged and faked when purchasing collectibles

john hancock signature
John Hancock signature has been forged since the day he signed
Is the autograph on your vintage baseball card authentic?
 Many times a month we have inquiry's about authenticating a signature or asked our opinion on one. Most of the clients bring in forgeries or fakes hoping they have the real deal and a lottery ticket in their hand. Unfortunately most of the time the item is either forged or has absolutely no authenticating documents to verify the item.
 Usually the items we see are signed sports memorabilia. Unfortunately signed sports memorabilia is the most forged of all collectibles. Many authentication experts agree that at least 75% of all signed sports memorabilia are forged. Some experts including our own Kent D. Anderson of Maple Leaf Appraisals agree that number is much higher.
 Many forgery's have been mass produced with an auto-pen signature machine and sold to the public as authentic. Unfortunately the auto-pen machine is only a copy of the actual signature. Beware of sports memorabilia companies that don't have a genuine COA (certificate of Authenticity) from a reputable authentication company verifying the item.
 COA's are another mass forged document that has fooled many people. There are even COA mills online that will send you a certificate of authenticity on anything you request without even inspecting the item. Always verify the issuer of the COA as well when purchasing collectibles.
 It is always best to go with a reputable authentication company such as James Spence Authentication (JSA) . the cost may be a bit more than other companies but it may be worth it if you believe you have a genuine piece. The difference in value can be tremendous if JSA or another reputable company verifies authenticity of your item.
 There are also forgeries of artwork, firearms, clothing, antiques even cars and the list goes on and on. As long as there are collectibles and collectors in the world there will always be forgeries and fakes. So keep an eye out and always get the item verified by a reputable company prior to selling or buying collectibles.
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